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Макс и Руби. 23 серии / Max and Ruby Анимация для детей, мультсериал, DVDRip

Дата начала показа: 21 октября 2002

Страна: Канада, Canada

Жанр: Анимация для детей, Animated series preschool

Длина: 00:07:30 каждая

Язык: английский
Автор:Rosemary Wells

ТВ каналы: Treehouse TV, Nickelodeon
Содержание: Приключения кроликов - младшего брата Макса и старшей сестры Руби. Руби очень правильная девочка, она все время воспитывает брата, который говорит не очень-то много, но как любой малыш твердо знает чего хочет. А еще Руби все время что-то придумывает и устраивает, а у Макса при этом всегда другие планы - благодаря этому результат всегда выходит смешным.

1.01. Ruby's Piano Practice

Ruby has a piano practice, and Max can't find his fire truck. Later, Ruby realizes Max's fire truck must have been in the piano the whole time.

1.02. Max's Bath

Max is still hungry after his lunch is all over him instead of in him, and Ruby decides to give him a bath, but unfortunately, he uses ice cream tubs and a grape juice glass as a boat, and that manages to get him dirtier than before, so Ruby gives him a shower. After his shower, he spies that Ruby's clothes have been stained.

1.03. Max's Bedtime

Max can't sleep until he finds his red rubber elephant. Later, he spies it must have been under his bed the whole time.

1.16. Ruby's Merit Badge

Ruby wants to earn her First Aid merit badge. When Ruby tries to get her merit badge by bandaging dolls, she suggests she bandage Max with toilet paper, but Max goes to the kitchen for a Popsicle and the bandaging unravels, and Ruby gets a merit badge, but not the one she expected.

2.04. Ruby's Hiccups

Ruby has the hiccups and Max can't find his monster mask. Later, he finds it and he scares Ruby's hiccups away.

2.05. The Big Picture

Max and Ruby have a picture to take and send to their Grandma but all Max wants to do is chase a butterfly.

2.06. Ruby's Stage Show

Ruby and Louise have a stage show.

2.07. Max's Froggy Friend

Max meets a frog and they seem to make friends with each other, but Max and Ruby have to leave for a tea party they're having with Grandma. Max wants Froggy to come but Ruby says he can't making Max "friendshipheartbroken." Later, Froggy joins the party. NOTE: Near the middle of the episode, Max says "Bye, Froggy" after having Ruby tell him to put him back.

2.08. Max's Music

Ruby, Valerie and Louise try to be a trio called Ruby's Red Hot Trio playing "The Farmer in the Dell", but they keep getting interrupted by Max's own music playing. Later, Max does great enough to turn to the trio into a quartet and change the band's name to Ruby's Red Hot Quartet.

2.09. Max Gets Wet

Max and Ruby fix their garden up when it shrivels up but Max wants to go swimming in his pool and he has to wait one half hour and can't wait one half hour.

2.11. Max Is It

Max wants to eat his Dribbler, but is it in a game of Freeze Tag with Ruby, Louise, and Valerie, and they're impossible for Max to get. However, it doesn't take long for Max to come up with a strategy to freeze the girls and win his Dribbler...

2.19. Max's Dragon Shirt

Max and Ruby go to the store to buy Max new overalls after he ruined his only pair. but Max wants a dragon shirt instead. Ruby answers no, but unfortunately for Ruby, when she tries on dresses it lets Max get lost where he finds his dragon shirt. Unfortunately for Ruby when Max gets ice cream on his t-shirt she's forced to buy it.

2.20. Max's Rabbit Racer

Max plays with his Rabbit Racer while Ruby and Louise learn baton-twirling but Max's Rabbit Racer cars interrupt them. And Ruby tells Max he should not play with the Rabbit Racer cars again for that day.

2.21. Roger's Choice

Ruby and Louise want to play with Ruby's best male friend Roger Piazza but Max wants Roger to play cars with him but Ruby and Louise say he's to big to play with him: 7 years old and nearly as old as Ruby and Louise.

2.26. Max Remembers

Max can't remember why he had tied string to his finger.

2.37. Max's Thanksgiving

At Thanksgiving, Ruby does Thanksgiving decorations, but Max just wants to sample Grandma's famous stuffing. Unfortunately, when Thanksgiving dinner is ready, Grandma spies that Max has sampled a little too much, and Max refuses to have Thanksgiving dinner because the stuffing "stuffed" him.

2.38. Max's Pretend Friend

Ruby thinks that Max has a pretend friend.

3.07. Ruby's Hippity Hop Dance

Ruby and Louise tries to learn the Hippity Hop Dance; Meanwhile, Roger teaches Max how to play football and Ruby and Louise spy that Max and Roger's victory dance is the Hippity Hop Dance.

3.08. Ruby's Bird Bath

Ruby makes an enviornmentally-correct bird bath for a Bunny Scout merit badge, but Max keeps putting bath toys in it.

3.09. Super Max Saves the World

Max (as Super Bunny) and Morris (as Zoom-Zoom) pretend to be superheroes while Ruby and Louise make a science project.

3.10. Ruby's Easter Bonnet

Ruby is making an Easter Bonnet for the Bunny Scout Easter Bonnet contest, while Max tries to teach Froggy to hop.

3.11. Max's Easter Parade

Ruby is decorating Easter Eggs but Max wants to see an Easter parade. Ruby explains that there’s no Easter Parade, and asks Max to take each egg as she finishes it and put it in a basket to show Grandma. But when Grandma comes, there are no eggs in the basket.

3.12. Max the Easter Bunny

Ruby and the rest of the Bunny Scouts are eager to participate in the annual Easter Egg Hunt. She explains to Max that the Easter Bunny hides the eggs and it’s their job to find them.

Quality: DVDRip

Информация: MKV

Video кодек: H.264

Audio кодек: AAC

Video: 720x544, 23,97 fps, x.264 HQ Ultra

Audio: AAC-LC ABR 128k


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